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Hello, I'm Shequilla, a sophomore at ODU, and an aspring humanitarian. I'm a firm believer that Karma has no deadline, Do good and good has no choice but to come back to you. Life is full of choices and although you may not always make the right one, I believe striving to make a better one next time is what its all about. I want to change the world, heal a soul, and make a believer in love. My life has beautiful so far and I know it hasn't reached its peek. Its something beautiful about to take place! Jah bless


#TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised but it will be Reposted. ✊✌️#JusticeForMikeBrown #Ferguson  #SocialMediaForSocialChange xo




A page from “Love in my Language.” I wrote this for all of the givers, over extenders, people pleasers and big hearted people who always put others before themselves. Yes, being giving and selfless is beautiful but don’t lose yourself in the process. Self perseveration is important too… You can buy #LoveInMyLanguage:






My wife

Lord Jesus I was not prepared

When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.

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This changed me.

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If you’re with someone who doesn’t look at you with adoration & passion, when you walk into a room they don’t instantly feel reassurance & pride for having the right to claim you, you get undressed & they don’t get the urge to take you down … Someone who doesn’t praise you for your accomplishments & admire your efforts to be a better you;

start loving yourself again and leave their company. There are too many people in the world to settle for someone who feels you’re mediocre.

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Don’t be afraid, because even the darkest period will pass. Everything passes and turns. The darkness will cease to be and will become light. Do not looking for outside yourself. Do not look for in the others’ eyes. Try to learn, day by day, to seek the light within you. Be yourself the light of your change. Light up your path. Breathe, listen to you, be calm and clear as a mirror of water. Be sincere and honest before all to yourself. Take courage in what you are and what you can do and let go of all the negative thoughts that weigh you down. Forgiven and accepted yourself, with your limits and your weaknesses. Restart from here, and learn every day to love yourself a little more, to don’t be afraid of your light and shine, day by day, step by step. Dedicated to all the Queens, who, without knowing, light love everything that surrounds them. -Zelide

Thank you to inspire me daily with your kindness and pure words of love.
Thank you Queen alexandraelle​ !

You’re a gem. Thank YOU!



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